Minggu, 14 Desember 2008

Kamus Singkatan Dalam hal Telekomunikasi

Berikut beberapa kepanjangan dari singkatan-singkatan dalam hal telekomunikasi :

T_TDROP: Drop Timer Treshold
OSPF: Open Short Path First
IGP: Interior Gateway Protocol
SPT: Shortest Path Tree
LSA: Link State Advertisement
NBMA: Nonbroadcast Multiaccess
BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
AS: Autonomous System
ISP: Internet Service Provider
IBGP: Interior Border Gateway Protocol
MED: Multi Exit Discriminator
SME: Short Message Entity
RTC: Reverse Traffic Channel
DSCH: Dedicated Signalling Channel
CSCH: Common Signalling Channel
DTCH: Dedicated Traffic Channel
CTCH: Common Traffic Chanel
R-ACH: Reverse Access Channel
R-PICH: Reverse Pilot Channel
R-EACH: Reverse Enhanced Access Channel
R-CCCH: Reverse Common Control Channel
R-DCCH: Reverse Dedicated Control Channel
R-FCH: Reverse Fundamental Channel
R-SCH: Reverse Supplemental Channel
R-SCCH: Reverse Supplemental Code Channel
IOC: Other Cell Interference
ISC: Other User Noise
PRG: Pseudo Rando Generator
PNG: Pseudo Noise Generator
CHAP: Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
FAC: Foreign agent Challenge
ESN: Electronic Serial Number
TMSI: Temporary Mobile Station Identifier
MAC: Medium Access Control
RLP: Radio Link Protocol
SRBP: Signaling Radio Burst Protocol
CAVE: Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
SSD: Shared Secret Data
AKA: Authentication and Key Agreement
OTASP: Over The Air Service Provisioning
BS: Base Station
CMEA: Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm
ECMEA: Enhanced CMEA
FA: Foreign Agent
HLR: Home Location Register
IMSI: International Mobile Station Identity
ME: Mobile Equipment
MS: Mobile Station
NAI: Network Access Identifier
OTASP: Over The Air Service Provisioning
PAP: Password Authentication Protocol
PCF: Packet Control Function
PDSN: Packet Data Serving Node
PPP: Point to Point Protocol
RADIUS: Remote Access Dial-In User Service
RN: Radio Network
RRC: Radio Resources Control
RUIM: Removable User Identity Module
SHA: Secure Hashing Algorithm
SSD: Secret Shared Data
TMSI: Temporary Mobile Station Identifier
VLR: Visitor Location Register
FER: Frame Erasure Rate
DSSS: Direct Sequence Spread Spektrum
FSSS: Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
TSSS: Time Hopping Spread Spectrum
PSMM: Pilot Strength Measurement Message
HCM: Handoff Completion Message
WCDMA: Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
AAA: Authorization, Authentication and Accounting
AAL: ATM Adaptation Layer
AC: Admission Control
ACH: Access Channel
AD: Analog to Digital
AGC: Automatic Gain Control
ATM: Asyncronous Transfer Mode
BCAA: BTS Common Alarm Board Assembly
BCP: BTS Control Processor
BCPA: BTS Control Processor Board Assembly
BETA: BTS ATM E1/T1 interface board Assembly
BIT: Built-in Test
BPDA-C: BTS Power Detection board Assembly-C
BRAA: BTS Rack Alaram Board Assembly
BSC: Base Station Controller
BSM: Base Station Manager
BSS: Base Station System
BTMA-C: BTS Test Mobile board Assembly-C
BTS: Base Tranceiver Station
BTU: BTS Test Unit
CAI: Common Air Interfase
CCU-C: Channel Combiner Unit-C
CDMA: Code Devision Multiple Access
CECA: Channel Element Control Board Assembly
CEMA: Channel elements Multimedia Board Assembly
CEP: Channel Element Processor
CIP: Channel Interfase Processor
DA: Digital to Analog
DM: Monitor Diagnostic Monitor
DMLDM: Diagnostic Monitor Laser Diode Module
EMI: Electro-Magnetic Interface
FA: Frequency Allocation
FCU-C: Front End Combiner Unit-C
FDMA: Frequency Divisin Multiple Access
FER: Frame Error Rate
FFER: Forward Frame Error Rate
FR: Failure Rate
F-SYNC: Forward Synchronization Channel
GCRU: GPS Clock Receiver Unit
GPS: Global Positioning System
GUI: Graphic User Interfase
HLR: Home Location Register
HPBA-C: Hopping Pilot Beacon Assembly-C
HSPD: High Speed Packet Data service
IF: Intermediate Frequency
IFDA-E: Intermediate Frequnecy Dig Board Ass-Enhanced
ISI: Inter-sysmbol Interference
IWF: Interworking Function
LNA: Low Nosise Amplifier
MAP: Maintenance and Administration PC
MS: Mobile Station
MSC: Mobile Switching Center
NMS: Network Management System
OCNS: Ortogonal Channel Noise Simulator
PACA: Priority Access and Channel Assignment
PAU-CE: Power Amplifier Uneit-C
PBX: Provate Branch Exchange
PCB: Power Control Bit
PLD: Program Load Data
PNLM: Pricate Neighbor LIst Message
PPS: Pulse Per Second
PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Netword
PUZL: Preferred User Zone List
QoS: Quality of Service
RBPF: Receiver Band Pass Filter
FG: Radio Frequnecy
RFER: Reverse Frame Error Rate
RPP: P-P intereface Processor
RS: Rate Set
RSSI: Received Signal Strength Indication
RXDU-C: Receiver Distribution Unit-C
SBR: SAMSUNG Base Station Rack
SSD: Shared Secret Data
SVC: Signaling Virtual Channel
TBPF: Transmit Band Pass Filter
TDMA: Time Division Multiple Access
TMSI: Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TOD: Time Of Day
TPTL: Transceiver Power Tracking Look
TRXA-C: Transceiver board Assembly-C
TXCA-C: Transmitter Combiner board Assembly-C
UART: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
T_ADD: Pilot Detection Tresshold
HDM: Handoff Direction Message
T_COMP: Comparison Tresshold
T_DROP: Pilot Drop Tresshold